Formula Future meeting

The Working Group held a meeting at the site at the beginning of February. Nadezhda Pylaeva held a very valuable presentation about the professional issues of this race type, the tasks of the judges and marshals, the required personal and objective requirements.

Participants visited the planned venue of the race which is a lake in the holiday area of the city, the accommodation opportunities and got acquainted with the planned local travel arrangements. Costs and opportunities of accommodation and meals were also discussed.

The International Jury was also set up at the meeting, with the German, the Russian and the Hungarian Federations to delegate members. I would like to thank them for their helpful cooperation in advance.

As regards the ensuring of technical conditions, Mr. Dmitry Schiller, representing the Lativan Federation, offered outstanding assistance, in the absence of which we would be able to hold the event only at the price of significant difficulties.

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