N.A.:                           Hungarian Powerboat Federation

Post address:              Dunaújváros, Építők útja 2. 2400 Hungary

Contact persons:     Andrea Nyíri Secretary General


Series and classes:

World Championship and European Championship

Formula Future

Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Dolphine World Cup

Venue:                      Danube

PIT address: Szalki sziget, Dunaújváros

GPS: 46.982747, 18.943764 (46°58’57.9″N 18°56’37.5″E)

Date:                          09.08.2017.-13.08.2017.

Live video on:

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The races are held under the UIM rules.

Advance regulations by Local Organizer.

The changes will be done until teams meeting.


UIM Commissioner – Emre Guler

Officer of the Day – Péter Sándor Dr.

Officer of the Day Deputy – Pylaeva N. B.

Watercourse, race format:

2 race courses

Race format: as UIM rules points 960.4 and 960.5.

Weather Conditions: Point: Dunaújváros


Ambulance – Hungarian Ambulance

Rescue boat – Hungarian Powerboat Federation Rescue Team

Document control:

Entry Form;

Permission from National Authority;

Medical Examination.

Legalization from parent.

Participating in a Formula Future event is at each driver’s own risk. As a minor, each participant must have a waiver of liability signed by either parent or other responsible guardian.

Alcohol & Drug Tests:

Will be on site for every team participant – during the full official timetable period.


Results will be published on official board. (Hungarian Timing Team with Hungarian Computer System)

Special conditions:

During official timetable period it is not allowed to swim in the lake (except special swimming area under team representative control).


Hungary is part of Schengen Zone. Please contact by e-mail:  minimum 4 weeks before the arrival. (Please send copy of passport, the stay time in Hungary)


Entry form attached to this Advance Programme.

Entries must be sent by deadline: 09.07.2017.

Entries will be accepted by e-mail:

Entry fee:

World Championship and European Championship, Dolphen World Cup – No entry fee.


The UIM will provide Gold, Silver and Bronze medals separate in each class. The organizers will provide prizes for teams. At prize giving ceremony it is mandatory that awarded competitors wear their racing suits or team uniforms and decent footwear.


Drivers and any possible co-drivers must be able to swim and must wear sports clothes and flat-heeled shoes (with no heels) in order to be allowed to start.

Obligation: team members must wear clothes (T-shirt and shorts as minimum) /shoes in PIT area.

Recommendation: team uniforms.


Personal transfer for team from/to Budapest (airport) – Dunaújváros (PIT area/Hotel): Organizers will meet your team members.


Up to 6 persons – 70 Euro (incl. VAT) – one way Up to 4 persons – 65 Euro (incl. VAT) – one way

Payment method: by bank transfer. Please send us your applications and company will provide Invoice. Deadline: 09.07.2017.

Public Bus: Budapest Bus station – Dunaújváros Bus station

Hotels & accommodation:


Organizers will make reservation.

Klub Hotel Dunaújváros

Address: Építők útja 2. Dunaújváros

Distance between PIT area 5 km – by car or by bus

Price:  13  Eur per person/per night


Camping Dunaújváros

Address: Szalki sziget, Dunaújváros

Distance between PIT area 300 m – by walk

Price: 65   Eur per block (up to 5 persons)/per night; 2 rooms block (2 + 3 beds), bathroom, kitchen.

Tent site: 4 Eur/per night

Caravan, trailer site: 5 Eur/per night

Electricity: 4 Eur/per night


Breakfast 5 Eur per persons

Payment method: by bank transfer. Please send us your applications (rooms and breakfast) and company will provide Invoice. Deadline: 09.07.2017.


On site:

During competition will be organized professional delicious homemade hot food. Lunch – 7 Euro per person

Dinner – 10 Euro per person

Starting from dinner on Wednesday, 09 August and till dinner on Sunday, 13 August

Payment method: by bank transfer. Please send us your applications and company will provide Invoice. Deadline: 09.07.2017.

Facilities on site:

WC, water, parking.

Will be organized common weatherproof tent with race view. Each team personally will provide own place with tables and benches to take food and for relax.


The organizer provides a free accident insurance for all drivers.


Dolphin – ages 6-7 years

Class 1 – ages 8-9 years

Class 2 – ages 10-11 years

Class 3 – ages 12-13 years

Class 4 – ages 14-15 years

Class 5 – ages 16-18 years

*Classes are determined by the age of the driver on 31 December of the relevant year.

Each team includes a maximum of two drivers from each age group. At the World Championship and European Championship event, each national authority may be represented by one team only.

Each team shall have an official adult representative, a team manager and must nominate a captain.

The Depo area will be closed, people will be entry just wristband (Secretary proved when registration). Please give the names of those who wish to enter the Depo.)

Noise regulations:

By UIM rules


Waste – official bins; provided bags.

Publicity on Dunaújváros (on site):

Must be confirmed by local organizer.


Attending the meeting is mandatory for every team representative, coach and jury members.


Jury is set up of from delegates officially nominated by the teams (NA, sports club etc.) – one delegate for each team (with a minimum of 3 persons).

All duties, responsibilities and conditions for the jury are as described in UIM rule 402.

The Jury meeting will take place directly after the race office receives the protest form with all mandatory documents, or at the first possible time (after finishing the running stage).


Protests may by submitted only by the team manager.

Protests concerning any part of the boat, engine or equipment, provided by the organizer, must be submitted not more than 1(one) hour after the finish of the official free practice. All other protest conditions are in accordance with U.I.M rule 403.


Official fuel from organizer

Smoking is not allowed in PIT and refueling area.

Used fuel and oil: Official area and can.


Manufactured: BUSH

Length: 3.00 m

Width: 1.50 m


Classes 1-2-3

Mercury 9.9 hp

4 stroke

Manual handle

Classes 4-5

Tohatsu 15 hp

4 stroke

Remote control


The changes will be done until official opening


Wednesday, 09 August
18:00 Open ceremony
19:00 – 21:00 Dinner
Thursday, 10 August
8:00 – 9:00 Team Representative Meeting
9:00 – 18:00 Practice
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch
18:15 Briefing
19:00 – 21:00 Dinner
Friday, 11 August
9:00 Briefing
9:30 – 18:00 Maneuvering WC
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch
19:00 – 21:00 Dinner
Saturday, 12 August
9:00 Briefing
9:30 – 18:00 Parallel Slalom WC/CC
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch
19:00 – 21:00 Dinner
Sunday, 13 August
9:30 Briefing
10:00 Semi finals
12:00 – 14:00 Lunch


16:00 Prize giving ceremony
18:00 Dinner
After party (provided by organizer)